Letter to a friend..


Dear ………,

I’m sitting in my office and by the time you told me the news about your mother I stopped everything that I was doing and I focused on it. I have the profile photo of your Facebook account open on my pc and I’m looking at it.

I focus on the light that the sun brings to you. You seam calm, strong. Like the light is inside you. Like the light is giving warmth and straight to your heart, to your soul. This is exactly what I am sending you right now. My energy. The light that comes from my heart. This is a magic light that can cure all your wounds. At the same time, I am listening to this piano music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzLhO_XZjwk , which is helping me concentrate and focus on the energy of my feelings.

Why I’m telling you all these things? I came through such hard situations in the past and what I understood is that… Everything in life is energy. Where you focus more you get more. If you focus more on light, on positivity, you will get more of that. The more you focus on, the more you get from! It is very simple to do it, but the same time it’s very hard because of its simplicity.

Please, try to find a place to be away from everyone and everything, put the piano music on, sit or lay somewhere comfortable for you, close your eyes, take a deep – deep breath, take it out of your body and just be focus on the music. Try to see the light that I’m sending you. It’s like the warm light of the sun. Feel it on your face. Feel it on your chest. Feel it on your arms, your legs. Feel that it fills your heart, your mind, your soul with energy, positivity, power. Stay in this situation, this position as long as you feel that you need it. You can do it as often as you want.

One last but not least thing, dear. These hours, the easiest thing for us to do is to give ourselves their “drugs” (cigarettes, alcohol, etc). We think that now is the time that we need them the most so as to cope with all this hard situation. But! It’s now that we should be cleaner so as to have more straight. To let the light gets inside us, to cure us. And with this light we will be able to cure our beloved ones!

Your mother needs energy. She needs pure light. I believe that you are more than able to give her yours… But first, you have to fill your battery, honey. I’m here for you and I’ll be as long as you need me. Call me whenever you feel you need someone to talk. I need it too. I feel this way I’m close to you.





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