Make your day special

I have these little candle-elephants for sooo many years. I can’t even remember how I got them. 🤣 I found them the other day, closed in a box. I used to keep many things, like candles, for special occasions so as to use them then. In a birthday party or a ceremony, etc. And as you can see they’re still here.

But now, you know what? It’s Saturday morning, it’s a wonderful rainy day and I’m here to live it and enjoy it. What a lovely way to celebrate and light the aroma candles, don’t you think? Please, join me if you want. They smell amazing! 🙏🏻🤗

Do you keep stuff for special occasions? Do you have some of them for many many years and still didn’t find a way to use them? I suggest you to do it right now. Enjoy them and the moments with them. What if it’s not a special day? Make the day special! Live your special life now! Isn’t it the greatest time to do it?


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