Faye Michalovits is an artist of life, based in Greece. She creates whatever makes her heart smile, in her cozy and bright home studio in Athens, accompanied with her dog-assistants Malo and Lisa.

She is painting the last 5 years and has her own beautiful ways of approaching art. You will find her painting with acrylics, drawing with pencil or charcoal, and generally experimenting with different techniques and materials. She combines her love of life, nature, art, music, writing, self-improvement, etc, and she tries to inspire herself and the world around her in the most magical and simple ways.

After the lessons that her life experiences taught her, and the almost 12 years of studying and working non-stop on the “Self-Development” sector, she has more than enough knowledge in many life’s areas. She also completed successfully the Life Coaching certification, she constantly studies Psychology, and has a good idea of NLP and EFT techniques.

Recently, Faye started turning her dreams and passions into reality and follow her heart, mostly by expressing herself through art (painting, writing, photography, etc) and also by motivating and inspiring the people around her.

Her moto, “Life to the fullest”, is her driving force so as to live a full and magical life, according to her hearts dreams and passions, and to inspire, motivate and challenge hundreds of thousands of people all around the world to do the same, as their heart wishes.


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